Regenerate Fuel Oil from Plastic wastes.
A Brand new Renewable Energy Recovery system.

URBAN RIG utilizes superheated steam to achieve high temperature – oxygen free state inside the reactor to enable recovery of fuel oil from resin-based mixed waste c/w food residue, mud etc.
It enables to reduce CO2 emissions, whilst reducing waste volume.

Fuel Recovery from resin-based mixed waste

Everywhere in the world, we continuously produce new goods containing plastics to benefit our lives. However, we have not yet found an appropriate way to dispose these resin-based wastes, unhealthy solutions such as incineration and land fills being the only ways of disposal in many cases.

Plastics are being single-used, and this is a problem created by us humans.

【Mirai-Connect】 tackle this problem with our brand new, innovative technology, to provide an “Ecology x Economy” friendly, and a sustainable environment that we can be proud of for the future generation.

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Urban oil field 「URBAN RIG」 series

Have you ever heard of the term “Urban mining”?
Urban mining is the process of recovering the rare metals from the discarded electronic wastes through mechanical and chemical treatments, allowing us to recycle the limited resources.

Similarly, resin-based wastes discarded in the modern economic life is recovered as fuel oil, which can be reused as an energy source.
Not only it recovers reusable energy source, it provides us with a way to process resin-based wastes appropriately and friendly to the environment.
We decided to call this process, an “Urban oil field”.

An original oil extraction system, a dreams come true, the URBAN RIG series developed by One World Japan Co., Ltd.

Winner of the “Zero Marine Waste Award 2019”

In modern society, marine plastic wastes are generated every day carelessly, it remains in the ocean for a long period of time.

Amidst concerns over global environmental pollution, it is even estimated that at the present rate, the amount of wastes in the ocean will exceed the total weight of the fishes by 2050.

The Japanese Ministry of the Environment is conducting the “Plastic Smart” Campaign in order to encourage and further expand the initiatives from each and every individuals, companies, organizations and governments, to cope with the growing problems of the marine plastic wastes.

The “Zero Marine Waste Award” co-administrated by the Nippon Foundation and the Japanese Ministry of the Environment, is one part of the campaign.

One World Japan’s “URBAN RIG” was commended for its innovative technology, and received the “Zero Marine Waste, Nippon Foundation Award” in June 2019.


【Presentation film at the ceremony of Zero Marine Waste Award 2019】

【Marine waste processing experiment using the URBAN RIG testing machine】


Presented on “HIGHLIGHTING JAPAN” published by the Government of Japan


URBAN-RIG” was presented on “Highlighting Japan August 2020“, as an article to provide solutions to the problems surrounding marine plastic wastes.
The publication is published by the Government of Japan every month, in a purpose to introduce the country’s cutting-edge solutions to various global issues, rooted in Japan’s traditions and experiences.


※PDF of the English booklet→”Highlighting Japan August 2020-24P-25P

Urban Rig not only attracts attention to resolve the marine plastic wastes problem, it is also prospected in a use to treat Medical Waste such as plastic gloves, medical masks, majorly produced through the global pandemic of the COVID-19.
Urban Rig provides a solution to treat the Medical Waste on-site of disposal, reducing the chance of infection.


“Mirai Connect” supports the ideas of the SDGs.

A Sustainble Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015 as a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030.

UNDP SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS : What are the Sustainable Development Goals? []

Mirai Connect passionately adopts the idea of the SDGs, and wishes to contribute towards multiple goals through spreading and use of the URBAN RIG.

No prior sorting required, minimizes the labour cost.

The conventional fuel recovery units before URBAN RIG was unable to process plastics containing chlorine (Cl), also wet/damp materials, it required prior sorting + drying, causing huge time loss and labour costs.

URBAN RIG does not require any of this, resulting in high efficiency and profitability.




Extract metals in a non-oxidized state!

URBAN RIG utilizes superheated steam to achieve high temperature – oxygen free state inside the reactor to enable vaporization resin-based plastic wastes. (+Carbonization of any organic wastes)

Using this original technology, URBAN RIG can extract non-oxidized metals from mixed wastes containing metals/plastics, wastes unable to be sorted/separated.

Because no combustion takes place in the reactor, metals extracted are all non-oxidized, the material is pure, it maintains high quality when being recycled.

It is considered, a brand new technology providing efficient processing of metal wastes within the metal recycling industry, receiving inquiries everyday.



【Stuff like this too!】


Overturning conventional wisdom.
Enabled PVC processing.

URBAN RIG adopts a high-level chlorine removal system, enabling to process PVC mixed with other resin waste, without any prior sorting.

When reacted with other substances, Chlorine has a characteristics which causes harm to the surrounding environment. Such as,

①Production of toxic dioxin gas when combusted : causing pollution.
②Damage to the reactor of the processing unit due to its toxicity.

One World Japan’s original method enabled wastes containing chlorine to be processed safely, and environmentally friendly.

This also enabled processing of marine wastes, resulting in winning the “Zero Marine Waste award 2019”.

Expect high profitability with self-sustained device.

URBAN RIG is a self-sustained device using gasified oil extracted from its own operation as fuel for the boiler and the super-heater. After the initial startup, no additional fuel is necessary thus expecting high profitability with main source of operational cost being labor and electricity costs.

Treating problems concerning Wildlife.

URBAN RIG is also useful treating animal carcass, where yet again incineration and landfill being the main form of treatment.

Mobile URT-10 model can easily be transported on a back of a truck, animal carcass can be 100% carbonized, reduced in mass, into deodorised harmless state.

In May 2019, an experimental process of URT-10 took place, an exterminated harmful boars, deers, and raccoons were processed and carbonized.

【URT-10 used in the experiment.】
【Experiment Report】

Check the processed results in advance.
(Sample test processing)

Before introducing URBAN RIG on to your site, we are always welcome for a test in advance, to find the optimum temperature/time, and the ratio of what can be extracted.

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“Mirai Connect” is a term made from the combination of the word “Mirai” meaning future in Japanese, and “Connect”, in a wish to “Connect the Future”, and sustain our beautiful Earth to the next generations.

A method of recycling, and reusing the limited resources are needed more than ever.

Marine waste problem for one example, unbelievable amount of human-created wastes are continuously being released into a sea or ocean, threatening marine life, and our nature.
This is a huge problem we’re facing, but not many recognizes this situation.
We must not neglect this.

In order to halt the piling problems, there’s an action in the world NOT to use/consume plastic materials.
Of course, thats one way to alleviate the problem, but we all know that cannot solve the issue fundamentally.
Plastic goods are continuously being released in to the community, whats been created must have a way to be recycled rightly.

We believe that is the correct way to tackle the problem.

Wastes the world is having trouble disposing, recovered as renewable energy, waste volume reduced, and the environment ameliorated. This is a proposal of a new industrial system.
New system can then create jobs and employment, a dream community everyone wishes for.

It is our mission.
To create a true sustainable world, and we sincerely believe that URBAN RIG can be the cause.


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