Original Fuel Recovery Plant
Mechanism of Fuel Recovery

■ The Mechanism is as follows:

  • Oxygen-free superheated steam is injected into the decomposing furnace at 600°C.
  • Oil component is vaporized and distilled using the superheated H₂O gas.
  • Vaporized oil gas is treated with catalysts to remove chlorine and liquefied in the condenser.
  • Condensed oil is segregated to gas-oil and heavy-oil in the solenoid valve by the difference in temperature.
  • Water and other impurities are separated via multiple filtration tanks to recover fuel.

アーバンリグ(URBAN RIG)再生燃料抽出の仕組み

Potential of the Superheated steam

■ Dioxin & Carbon dioxide free

Inside of the decomposition furnace is anoxic, and no oxygen reaction occurs. Therefore, no Dioxin and CO₂ are generated.

Gas Emission URBAN RIG

■ Heating power of Superheated steam

Water becomes steam when it reaches 100 °C. At this moment, the temperature of the steam is 100 °C. However, by adding further friction to the molecules at high speed, the temperature of the steam exceeds 100 °C, and it becomes colorless and transparent H₂O gas. This gas has the characteristics of, spread heat transfer, convective heat transfer, and condensation heat transfer. It holds the combined heat transfer power of oxygen, convection, radiation, condensation with accurate controllability.