We have prepared a testing unit for the people/organisations considering purchase of the URBAN RIG, to test for the optimum conditions (temperature, duration), and the percentage of each collected items for a specific input item.

The test will take place using a testing unit with the same processing ability to the actual models, approximate results can be obtained.

How the testing process takes place.

First fo all, please prepare the item you would like to be tested.

Once the items are all ready, items are weighed preprocess.


Specialised inner batch needs to be used for input items with Metals and wastes containing chlorine, such as PVC wastes.

Please prepare in a size that fits the inner batch for such input contents.
(※Size of the batch : W13cm x D28cm x H8cm)


With all preparations done, all the items are inputted into the reactor.

Due to the material’s properties and characteristics, optimum temperature and duration for efficient processing of the input item has to be obtained through the test.


Next, temperature is set on the control panel.

Temperature range for mass reduction, also for fuel oil extraction is specified, gradual temperature change occurs within the reactor to achieve ideal processing.

When all the settings are done, and we made sure that the reactors closed securely, its now ready to go.

All we do now is to wait.


When the process is done, carbonised ash-like content is all collected, then weighed for comparison. (To see the mass reduction rate of the input item.)


All input items will be decomposed/separated into Oil contentWater contentCarbonised content. (Non-oxidised metal content, if items containing metals were inputted.)

The ratio of extraction differs according to the input items.

Mirai Connect carries out sample test processing using the testing unit.

Testing prior to the introduction allows you to know the suitable plans, and the profitability of the process.

※Fee for the sample testing will be charged.

Request for sample testing