Metal Scraps has 2 main sources.

One of it, is a scrap produced from factories through the process of manufacturing, chips and shavings of metals are separated then collected in each materials, which is relatively easily recycled.

The other, is a scrap collected as a end-of-use products, and is a complex composite of different materials difficult to be recycled.

Why are these difficult to be recycled?
This is because, these complex scraps needs prior separation of materials before being recycled, (eg. Iron, Aluminium, Copper, Plastics) and the separation process requires time and labour costs.

In Japan for example, for a long time, these complex scraps were shipped out to China to be processed with cheaper labour costs.
However, the method of processing in China caused huge environmental pollution, both Japanese, and Chinese government announced a major restriction regarding shipments of metal scraps.

Now that all scraps cannot simply be shipped out of the country, Japan now needs to process all metal scraps with responsibility.

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As a lot of you reading this may already know, Japan wasn’t the only country relying on China for metal scrap recycling, method to recycle the scraps composed of various materials are strongly desired all over the world.

Right now however, these valuable scraps are largely being treated as wastes, it is landfilled/incinerated across the word, these scraps definitely aren’t being recycled appropriately to say the least.

URBAN RIG can also be useful resolving the recycling problems surrounding the metal scrap industries.

Types of metal scraps Pyro Renergy can process.

By using the Pyro Renergy, all sorts of metal scraps combined with different materials can be treated (recycled/reused) efficiently, and environmentally safe.

    Examples of things Pyro Renergy can process
Copper pipes for Air-con

Electric wires

Anode hanger for plating


  • Stabilizers (eg. for lamps)
  • AC adapter
  • Relay box
  • Power Junction Block
  • Circuit breakers, Switch
  • Pyro Renergy can also process plastic wastes produced through the process of metal scrap recycling ( eg. resin waste collected after the copper nuggets processing), to reduce waste volume, resulting in reduction of disposal through landfills/incineration.


    Cross-linked PE

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    Plastic wastes from water metering

    Merit of introducing the Pyro Renergy in the metal scrap industry

    Pyro Renergy is an original, and innovative technology, winning the “Zero Marine waste award 2019” co-administrated by the Japanese ministry of environment and the Nippon foundation, initially designed to process industrial wastes.
    Though, through the use of Pyro Renergy, it turned out this technology is also beneficial for the metal scrap recycling industry, allowing to extract valuable metals from mixed condition, rather than it being single used and disposed.

    What Pyro Renergy can do

  • Extract metals mixed/combined/covered with resin material
  • Various materials can be inputted in one go
  • Reduces the volume of the waste
  • Reduces the cost of processing industrial wastes
  • Can treat materials having difficulty processing
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Can re-use the fuel oil *Varies depending on the inputted items
  • Process using Pyro Renergy


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